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Frequently asked questions

Q:  How does the whole thing work?

A:  We have a group of friendly cats for people to come in and interact with while sipping a yummy drink.

Q: Do I have to make a booking?

A: No but it’s strongly recommended. Not only do you get a free drink out of booking, it guarantees you a spot even on our busiest days. Make a booking here.

Q: Are the cats yours?

A: Essentially yes. The cohort you will meet in the café live here.

Q: Where did all your cats come from?

A: Most of them are rescues. A few of them were from shelters when we first opened. A few of them are surrenders from various people. Even the ‘purebreds’ are from retired breeders who are no longer able to look after them.

Q: Are the cats up for adoption? / Do you sell cats?

A: We only rehome the ones that aren’t 100% happy here for any reason. For example, those that prefer a quieter life. Check this page to see if there are any cats needing a furrever home right now.

Q: Can I give the cat treats when I visit?

A: This is only available in our special Feeding sessions on the weekends. We do not want our cats to get overweight on constant treats! Plus, they can get super exited when food time comes and can overwhelm you if you are the only person holding treats.

Q: Will the cats scratch/bite me?

A: Our cats are generally very chill with nice trimmed nails, but there is always the risk if they feel like they have had enough pats for a while. A few of them might give a little swipe or nibble to warn people to back off. The risk of being scratched is higher during the Feeding Session, where they might get over-excited and try to grab the food with their paws.

Q: The place sounds amazing, how do I stay forever?

A: We offer an unlimited session on weekdays, where you can spend a full day with the cats, do your own thing here and have them get familiar with you. Alternatively, we have a discounted multi-pass if you’d like to visit regularly.

Q: Can my cat come play?

A: The option is available, although we strongly advise against it. Most cats do not socialise like dogs or people, it takes a long slow introduction to get them comfortable with new environments and new cats. That said, if your cat is super outgoing and loves to explore, if they already enjoy the big wide world on a harness and leash, then there is a chance they might actually have fun from the experience. If this sounds like your cat, please email us their vaccination and desexing certificates to discuss the best time for the visit.

Q: Can I surrender my cat to you?

A: Yes, we accept surrenders. However, the cat café environment is a bit strange to many cats and not everybody is a good fit. If your cat is known to be friendly with strangers and other cats, the chances of them fitting in is better. If not, surrendering to a shelter may be a better option. We do help rehome the ones who doesn’t like it here, although it takes time and the waiting period for the right family to turn up could already be very stressful for your cat and ours. Please considering your cat's situation before deciding to surrender to us.

Q: Can you take in the stray cat/s in my neighbourhood?

A: We do not have the facilities to provide sufficient quarantine and socialisation for strays. Your best option would be to contact the local council. If they are very young kittens, most shelters would be able to take them in and have them adopted very quickly.

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