ReHoming a fur baby

To adopt:

1. Meet our cats in person and find out who you bond with.

2. Introduce yourself to the cat mom:

    ***What can you offer and why are you a good home for your choice of cat?

         *House or Apartment? Buy or rent?

         *Stable financial income?

         *Experience with cats? Any animal at home at the moment?

​3. The cat mom will observe your interactions with the fur baby and do a home visit if approves.



Name: Toffee

D.O.B : 05/11/2019

Desexed & Microchipped

Last vaccination: 11/05/2022

Adoption fee: $2,000

​Current medicine: Vitamin B12 capsules

***Pet Insurance recommended

Toffee is the cutest fur baby ever, despite his elderly look. Most of the time, he enjoys meditating on the floor, or sleeping at his cozy spots. His regular VB12 injection helps him to stay active and play with toys.


You do need to understand the amount of work taking care of this special baby due to his sensitive stomach and skin conditions.