House Rules


  1. It is ideal to arrive 5 minutes prior to your booking time for full cats' experience. A small extension fee ($2 pp) will be charged to receive the full session if you are running more than 15 mins late. No extension for the last session of the day. Any changes to your booking must be done at least 24 hours in advance.

  2. Please don’t force our cats to do anything that they don't want to, including no picking up or chasing the cats – Our cats get to choose to interact or roam by themselves. They will approach you at their own discretion.

  3. Strictly no food inside the cat lounge and NO feeding cats without permission, and DO NOT let them lick your hands – Cats have their own dietary needs and being given human food could lead to health complications.

  4. Please don’t make loud noises or disturb their sleep – Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day and prefer customers gently approaching them.

  5. Please do not step on any furnitures and especially cat furniture – Cats who roam on top of the furniture indicate they would like their own privacy at the moment, please respect their space.

  6. Please pat them gently – The cats love having soft cuddles and pats, your love for them shall be reciprocated this way ❤.

  7. Please take photos without flash – It would otherwise scare the cats.

  8. It is highly recommended customers wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid any injuries.

  9. All of our drinks come in take-away cups, please leave the lids on at all times and far from any cats’ reach.


Risks associated to visitors with admission into the Cat Lounge and interaction with the cats include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Minor or serious injury from the cats including bites and scratches

  • Allergic reactions and sickness resulting from the cats (eg. Asthma)

  • Damage to personal property by the cats’ general behaviour including spraying (urinating), scent marking, shedding hair, scratching and biting (eg. Clothing, bags, accessories)

  • Other visitors causing distress to the cats


No refund will be provided for the following reasons:​

  • if booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the session or no-show

  • if your written notice to reschedule is given on the same date of your booking

  • if visitor or visitor’s children are refused admission or asked to vacate cat environment due to non-compliance/breach of the conditions

  • if visitor doesn’t participate in all activities within cat environment

Acceptance of These Terms

I acknowledge that as a parent, legal (court appointed) guardian or custodian, I am solely responsible for the supervision and care of my children, who will also be taken to have agreed to this waiver upon my confirmation.

I acknowledge and agree to waive all my legal rights of action against YUMIAO cat cafe, and its office bearers, directors, employees or agents, releasing YUMIAO cat cafe for loss, damages, injury or death howsoever out of or in relation to my participation in the cat environment.

Upon booking, you hereby agree to comply with the House Rules above by YUMIAO cat cafe Pty Ltd. You warrant and certify that you are solely liable for your conduct in the YUMIAO cat lounge.