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Bring in your own cat

*Please understand the associated risks with cat stress and make your decision wisely.  

*What do you wish to achieve from the session?

     **Socialise your cat?

     **Getting a second cat?

     **Boarding services?



Email your cat's details

- Cat Owner Name & Contact Number

- Cat Name, Microchip Number, Desexed, Vaccination Records, Flea & Worming Treatment Record


book in a testing session 

Book a one-hour testing session with us to see how your cat reacts. $50 for one adult and one cat, the second adult is $30.



Nail, Ear & skin check Before your cat enters our cafe

To ensure safety for both your cat and our cats

- Skin check

- nails trim and ear check

- any signs of stress


moment of truth - cat members or not

Feliway diffuser is provided in-store to reduce cat stress. If the cat shows severe symptoms of stress, we have to ask you to take your cat home for its best wellbeing.

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